2016 Bar Passers

2016 Bar Examinations: Seven New Lawyers Come from the College of Law. Of the 6344 Examinees in the 2016 Bar Examinations, 59.06%(3,747) successfully hurdled the said Examinations administered last November 2016. Five (50%) of the fresh graduates of UNP are among those who passed. They are: 1. AGUINALDO, Bleszie D.; 2. DOLOR, Ruth Ann A.; 3. FERNANDEZ—MANZANO, Gloria L.; 4. FORONDA, Mary Ann R.; 5. TUBON, Mary Jane J.; 6. VEGA—ALVES, Kristalyn P. 7. YADAO, Aimie Fortune I.

Through the years, since 2007 when the first graduates of the College took the Bar Examinations up to 2016, the College has produced 31 lawyers. This is a humble contribution of the institution to the administration of justice in the Province of Ilocos Sur in particular and in the Philippines in general.

Atty. Bleszie Dela Rosa Aguinaldo

Atty. Ruth-Ann Arellano Dolor

Atty. Gloria L. Fernandez-Manzano

Atty. Mary Ann Ramos Foronda

Atty. Mary Jane Jaramillo Tubon

Atty. Kristalyn P. Vega-Alves

Atty. Aimee Fortune Ilmeng Yadao