Juris Doctor New Curriculum

1st Year – First Term

Philosophy of Law2None
Statutory Construction2None
Basic Legal and Judicial Ethics3None
Constitutional Law 14None
Criminal Law 14None
Criminal Procedure3None

1st Year – Second Term

Legal Research and Writing2None
Constitutional Law 24None
Criminal Law 24Criminal Law 1
Obligations and Contracts5None
Civil Procedure 13None

2nd Year – First Term

Public International Law3Constitutional Law 1
Persons and Family Law4None
Civil Procedure 23Civil Procedure 1
Agency, Trust and Partnership Law3Obligations and Contracts
Corporation and Basic Securities Law3Obligations and Contracts
Labor Law and Social Legislation5Constitutional Law 2
Clinical Legal Education2None

2nd Year – Second Term

Administrative Law and Law on Public Officers2Constitutional Law 1
Property and Land Law4None
Basic Succession Law2Persons and Family Law
Evidence3Criminal Procedure; and
Civil Procedure 1 and 2
Commercial Laws 13Obligations and Contracts and
Corporation and Basic Securities Law
Basic Taxation Law3Constitutional Law 1
Special Penal Laws2None

3rd Year – First Term

Laws on Local Government2Constitutional Law 1
Environmental and Natural Resources Law2None
Torts and Damages2Obligations and Contracts
Private International Law2Persons and Family Law;
Obligations and Contracts;
Property and Land Law;
Basic Succession Law;
Agency, Trust and Partnership Law;
Corporation and Basic Securities Law;
Commercial Laws 1;
Labor Law and Social Legislation; and
Basic Taxation Law
Special Rules and Proceedings3Basic Succession Law
Commercial Laws 24Obligations and Contracts and
Corporation and Basic Securities
Legal Forms2None

3rd Year – Second Term

Election Laws
1Constitutional Law 1
Medical Jurisprudence
Gender Sensitivity and Laws on Women and Children’s Rights
Agrarian Law and Social Legislation
2Constitutional Law 1 and 2
Summer Apprenticeship (120 Hours)
9All subjects from 1st to 3rd Year

4th Year – First Term

Political and International Law Review and Integration
5Constitutional Law 1 and 2;
Administrative Law and Law on Public Officers;
Election Laws;
Laws on Local Government; and
Public International Law
Civil Law Review and Integration
6Obligations and Contracts;
Persons and Family Law;
Basic Succession Law;
Property and Land Law;
Torts and Damages; and
Private International Law
Criminal Law Review and Integration
3Criminal Law 1, Criminal Law 2
Labor Law Review and Integration
3Labor Law and Social

4th Year – Second Term

Legal and Judicial Ethics and Practical Exercises Review and Integration2Basic Legal and Judicial Ethics, and
Legal Forms
Remedial Law Review and Integration6Criminal Procedure;
Civil Procedure 1 and 2;
Evidence; and
Special Rules and Proceedings
Commercial Law Review and Integration5Commercial Laws 1 and 2;
Agency, Trust and Partnership; and
Corporation and Basic Securities Law
Taxation Law Review and Integration3Basic Taxation Law