2018 Bar Passers

2019 is one of the best years of the College of Law. In addition to its roster of produced good lawyers, there were five new lawyers, four first takers out of six (66.67%) and one repeater, who passed the 2018 Bar Examination held in November 2018. They are Atty. Pert Alagano, Atty. Arvin Jay Manauis, Atty. Brigette Sorita, Atty. Janice Rialubin-Tapucol and Atty. Glaiza Baculi. As a result, the University of Northern Philippines is ranked Top 8 among the Best Performing Law Schools in the Philippines based on New Examinees Passing Rates.

Atty. Pert Amano Alagano

Atty. Glaiza Quelnan Baculi

Atty. Arvin Jay MaƱibo Manauis

Atty. Janice Ridulfa Rialubin-Tapucol

Atty. Brigette Mayor Sorita