BAR OPS CHRONICLES | Atty. Jonalyn Almachar

BAR OPS CHRONICLES | Atty. Jonalyn Almachar


The Bar Exam is not an ordinary examination in school. It is, as its name tells, the bar -the standard in order to achieve the license to practice. However, this bar is also the mile one must cross should he or she desires to change the world. Lawyers change the world when they make love prevail over hatred, justice over injustice, duty over

expediency. We change the world by love and “love is the fulfilment of the law.” (Romans 13:10). Be motivated by this resolve and let your fervor be your source of inspiration.

I strongly believe and attest that this noble institution has prepared you to meet the demands of this day and I hinge my hopes in the fact that you have primed yourselves well in your own capacities for this moment. I believe in you and in your relentless quest for excellence. You too, must believe that you have prepared well enough and have spent a considerable amount of time out of love for this profession which you wish to attain.

This level of sacrifice merits success.

After being convinced that you have done your part well enough, surrender everything to God and allow him to be The One who will “will fight for you” (Deuteronomy 1:30) through the demands and battles of the days ahead.

Atty. Jonalyn Almachar

Board Secretary, UNP



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