Agtaltalek kami nga kayanem.

Naniniwala kaming kaya mo.

We trust that you can do it.

You have already done your part. You have studied. You have sacrificed your time. You have given it all. You are where you are right now because you did it all.

As you hurdle the last mile, it does not matter if you run or if you crawl, what matters is you finish. It does not matter whether you are first or you are last, what matters is you will make it. Do not be afraid of anything because you have done everything to the best of your abilities.

Take time to trust in yourself, as we trust in you. May the #bestbarever bring out the best in you. We are with you in prayers as we await for the moment that you reap the fruits of your labor.

Agtaltalek kami kenka, future attorney!

A message to our barristers.

Kim Tagorda

Class Mayor, Juris Doctor 3



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