Ignore the uncertainties brought about by this pandemic, tune them out. Shut out the outside world and imagine yourself swimming in a bubble of confidence, focus, and calm. Believe that everything you have read and studied had been embedded in your mind and that you can access every detail at the appropriate time.

Give everything you have in these few weeks of bar preparation so that when you look back on these experiences, you will feel no regrets.

Thomas Shack, a law lecturer said and quote, ” The bar examination is simple two days out of the many years of hardwork, preparation and determination. When you walk through those doors, remember that you are a Juris Doctor and nothing will ever change that fact. So take a deep breath, write like a lawyer and cross the finish line confidently!

You are all in our prayers, our dear UNP Barristers, may our good Lord be with you. Good luck!!

Jerome Bugarin

Class Mayor, Juris Doctor 1

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